Serenity Energy Semi-Precious Gemstone Pendulums

The Serenity Angel Energy Healing shop is proud to display these carefully selected, exquisite, semi-precious gemstones pendulums to you!  Great as a gift to yourself, a loved one or friend.  All Pendulums are Reiki charged prior to delivery.

As beautiful as they are useful, pendulums are amazing tools for divination, dowsing and answering questions relating to love, work, health and much more!  They enhance your intuition, they’re easy to carry and they can help you tap into divine intuition anywhere at any time. 

These semi-precious stones have their own unique energy to protect your aura, attract love energy, attract prosperity and a myriad of benefits as you carry your pendulum with you.  Each pendulum will be delivered in a black velvet pouch to protect it and carry it discreetly. 

We look forward to providing quality  service and products.  Thank you for your Patronage.

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Serenity Gemstone Crystal Pendulums