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Allow Spiritual Life Force Energy to flow from my hands to your heart, body, soul and mind...

Serenity Energy Onsite, Distant & Crystal Healing

Healing sessions can be done onsite one-on-one or a Reiki Distant session is just as effective.  

Sessions are generally 1 hour to 1.30 hrs./minutes depending on the need of the Reiki client and the issue.

When setting up an appointment we will need to know the issue or area of concern, 

Distant Reiki Therapy Sessions:

For a Distance Reiki session We will need;  the receiver’s full name, address or exact location, issue at hand or areas of concern, a scanned photo of the receiver helps greatly for distance healing and visualization.  

If you or someone you know would like to receive a Distant Reiki Healing treatment, Please submit your contact information to:

After a Reiki Session:

I will contact the client the next day after the session as a follow-up to discuss what the client felt and my impressions during the session and the results. Every Individuals experience with a Reiki session is unique but the feedback of the results are always positive.  Depending on the depth or intensity of a clients issue or condition, they may require an additional Reiki Session and in many cases the client will opt for distant reiki which is just as effective as an onsite healing session.

If you still feel you need another Reiki Therapy session or a continuation  after the first, you will need to resubmit your request.

I'm always thrilled to learn about the results of your healing experience and progress, so please contact me at the above email address to discuss improvements or other experiences you have.

Thank you for allowing me to support you on your healing journey.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Sandra Serenity

Remote-Distant Therapy Sessions

Serenity Energy Distant Healing sessions

Distant Reiki Therapy sessions are just as effective as an onsite session.  All the recipient needs to do is completely relax, generally the sessions are timed before the client retires to bed.  It's best to have the first one to one session in person and follow up with a distant session.

Crystal Therapy


Crystal energy therapy coupled with Reiki Therapy is an incredibly powerful healing session and highly recommended for clearing of the chakras and really enhancing the whole healing session.  

Crystals are a blessing from mother earth with their own energy field, While Reiki Energy streams from divine source.

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Serenity Reiki Therapy Testimonials

Serenity Reiki Client Comments

The Distant Reiki healing was an amazing experience. I was able to feel the vibrations in my heart chakras, which was an area needed most. I fell asleep shortly after the session began. 

The next morning I felt renewed, I felt to release from my heart. I also had pain in my legs prior to the session and the next day the pain was gone. It’s amazing what one can experience miles away from home.

Kalunda H.

Miami, FLA

I had a nagging pain on the right side by my ribs and back, like there was stuck energy, it was painful. I had a 1-hr Reiki session with Sandra.  During the session I went into a deep sleep on the reiki table. When I finally woke up I felt lighter, refreshed and the pain in my side and back is completely gone. Highly recommend Sandra.

Wade B.

New York, NY

I was in a deep depression after a relationship breakup.  I opted for a Distant Reiki session with Sandra to get past the pain.  I literally felt a warm energy surrounding me completely which made me sleepy and then in the chest area which helped me release the pent up emotions that I couldn't was amazing.  

I felt much lighter and real hope again, the session cleared the emotional block that was there for god knows how long.  Sandra really helped with my healing journey.

Eric B.

Astoria, NY


I was suffering from severe migraine headaches as a result of a car accident a few years back, there were days I couldn't function and had to be in a darkened room with no noise.  I decided to have a Reiki Distant Healing session with Sandy, I could literally feel energy movement around my head, I was partially asleep during the session.  

The next day the nagging pressure and the crippling pain I had was gone! can't tell you how happy I was.  The result of my reiki session with Sandy was incredible.  Reiki works!

Veronica U.

New York, NY

I had never had a Reiki Distant Healing so I didn't know what to expect.   I actually loved the experience! All these days before the Reiki Distant healing, I've been really tense and anxious. 

Today is the first day that I'm actually calm and relaxed, I had a great nights sleep last night.  My question now is how often can I do Reiki?  Would love to have another session soon.

Mel N.


Serenity Reiki Therapy ~ Healing

Serenity Reiki Therapy ~ Healing

Serenity June Full Moon Career Reading & Distant Reiki Offer

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Serenity is currently Running 2 Reading Specials; a Full Moon Career Card Reading at a special rate along with the popular 5-question Pendulum Reading!  

For every reading booking we are offering a Complimentary Distant Reiki Healing Session that can be scheduled at any future date and time the client prefers.  Please read some of the testimonials above.

The offer starts on June 28th, but we are booking appointments in advance.  Please click on the button below for more details.  

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