Serenity Reiki & Crystal Therapy Sessions

Allow Spiritual Life Force Energy to flow from my hands to your heart, body, soul and mind...

Healing sessions can be done onsite one-on-one or a distance session is just as effective.  

Sessions are generally 1 hour to 1.30 hrs./mins. 

When setting up an appointment we will need to know the issue or area of concern, 

for a distance session we will require your exact location, a photo of the person would greatly help and issue at hand. 

Request a Personal Serenity Energy Healing Session

If you or someone you know would like to receive a distant Reiki Healing treatment, Please submit  contact information to:

We will need the receiver’s full name, address or location, issue at hand or areas of concern, a scanned photo of the receiver helps greatly for distance healing and visualization.  

I will contact you no later than 2nd day after the session to follow-up and discuss what we both felt. 

If you still feel you need a more intense healing session after this time, you will need to resubmit your request.

Also, we would be happy to learn about the results of your healing experience, so please contact  me at the above email address to learn of any improvements or other experiences you have.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.


Remote-Distant Therapy Sessions

Distant Reiki Therapy sessions are just as effective as an onsite session.  All the recipient needs to do is completely relax, generally the sessions are timed before the client retires to bed.  It's best to have the first one to one session in person and follow up with a distant session.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal energy therapy coupled with Reiki Therapy is an incredibly powerful healing session and highly recommended for clearing of the chakras and really enhancing the whole healing session.  

Crystals are a blessing from mother earth with their own energy field, While Reiki Energy streams from divine source.