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Angel Oracle Readings

In addition to Reiki Therapy Services, we offer various types of Readings  to our clients from traditional Tarot to Angel Oracle Readings;

  •  Angel Oracle Invocation Readings
  • Ascended Masters & Keepers of the Light Readings
  • Goddess Invocation Readings
  • Magical Messages of the Fairies Fey
  • New Year’s | Full Year Reading (12 card)
  • Pendulum Readings
  • Romance Relationship Readings
  • Runes
  • Traditional Tarot Reading

The Benefit of a Serenity Reading - Consultation


Serenity Consultations are Enlightening, Healing, Interactive and Empowering.

There’s a sense of real clarity for the querent after the consultation.  There's a feeling of comfort to have someone who is compassionate, insightful, and really engaged with the concerns of the client 

Providing clear guidance that is Inspiring for the individual whether it's a Relationship Reading, If you're at a cross roads in your life, If you're looking to make career changes or are curious to know what messages the Angels, Ascended Masters or the Tarot have for you to support you in your Life Journey. 

This is your time, so use the information you receive wisely. 

The whole purpose of my reading sessions is to translate the messages of the card, provide clarity and empower my client with the information that comes through the  cards, spirit and the angels to support you  to make wise decisions.

Serenity's Tarot Card Reading & Angel Card Readings provide clarity and insight, compassion and healing during the reading

The querent comes away feeling a real sense of Hope, Clarity and Encouragement. 

angel oracle card readings tarot readings

Booking your Serenity Consultation



Readings are done over the phone, FaceTime or can be done via email at the minimum suggested amount of one dollar per minute. 

 I advise the client to have the issue or topic and question ready in advance. (e.g. Relationship, Work situation, wanting to start a business, etc.) along with your birthdate.

Please Email me at: or go to the contact page with Your Question(s), phone number and email. 

I will forward a PayPal link for the amount agreed upon (therefore we need to discuss length of phone call ahead of time) 

After the reading is complete I will email your Confidential Reading within 24-48 hrs. after receiving confirmation of payment.

Services must be pre-paid in US Dollars before rendered. 


To book Reading Services for Special Events, Large groups or Parties please call at the number on the home page to discuss rates, timings and reservations.  Please scroll down to the end of this page for more details to book Serenity for your Event or Party.

Please note a deposit is required to confirm the service and secure the date.

Thank you for your patronage.

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Serenity's Angel Oracle & Tarot Readings Services

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Serenity's Angel Oracle & Tarot Reading Testimonials


Comments by clients of Serenity Reading services:

Thank you Sandra for a wonderful reading! You picked up on the energies within me and around me regarding an area of my life where I felt stuck. 

Sandra helped me to see where opportunities are & will be available to me.

She has helped me to move forward in a positive way with hope and inspiration. She is very intuitive and has a great skill, she integrates both of these in a way that is gentle, to the point & very insightful.
Great job Sandra =D 

Susie M.


Thank you so much for this awesome reading! I printed out the reading and will place it in my new business folder as an affirmation. It's right on point! hard work does pay off. Sunny days ahead...yippee!  

Jackie R.
Hudson Valley 

Hi Sandra,

First, I didn't know it would be as in-depth as it was! 

Your assessment of the past card was right; I was in a stalemate about my work
here.  What you see in the present is also right on-I now have good connections with like-minded people and people who indulge my ideas without criticizing. I am
looking forward to the person who will assist me with my path as well-  excited
for this!  

You reconfirmed (future card) what I have been told before-a new job/career opportunity is coming my way. And to be able to do it with my gift of healing is a wonderful validation!

Your summary made me feel really good about the future. And yes, I have thought about using my healing gift for children and others have told me I would be teaching too.

Thank you for your insightful reading, I love the things you say on Facebook!

All the best,
Nancy A.


thank you so much for this powerful reading!  Everything that you stated in the reading is so accurate and precise.. I am going too meditate on the reading and make a decision about me and Quinn.. Sandra thank you so much for the extra reading. .. I will be back in the future to get another consultation. .. I will keep you informed and I would consider giving this relationship a chance. .. 

Thanks again,
Megan M. 

My reading with Sandra was very accurate and on point in regards to my questions.

She gave me valuable advise and prayers to continue my journey. Overall, it was a very pleasant and supportive experience.

Viviana R.
​Queens, NY 

Sandra is fabulous to work with - she is deeply caring and provides a full experience, seeking to give a holistic view of what she sees, and to provide clarity wherever possible.

I highly recommend working with her

Susan C.
​Westchester, NY 

My reading with Sandra was such a calming, wonderful experience. I would highly recommend her.

She took extra time and gave 100% to my questions. I will use her many times going forward.

Anne V.
Vista, CA 

Sandra's insights caught me by surprise.  She has a unique ability to deeply penetrate the exterior and perceive what is calling from underneath. 

I was also impressed by the depth of her knowledge about the cards, potential implications and such. 

Deb S.

Staten Island, NY

Sandra is amazing. Very caring and easy to talk to. Her reading is spot on. She knew things before I could tell her. She did everything with such ease. She is truly gifted. I will remain in touch with her. She’s a rare jewel. Excited to see everything unfold in my future.

Kalunda H.

Miami, FLA 

I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I go in with an open mind. Sandra was very honest and easy to talk to. I had a good reading with good positive cards and provided some clarity for me. It can be over the phone or FaceTime can be an option. 

I will definitely speak to her again in the future.

Camille P.

New Jersey

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